Hi, I'm Joram!

I'm your free web developer.

Meet your new web developer!

I'm your new web developer.

Web development has interested me for a long time. It all started with my first WordPress site. Since then I have created several WordPress sites. To learn more I'm currently enrolled in an online course. The optics are HTML, CSS and JavaScript including Bootstrap, Node.js, jQuery, Git, ExpressJS and much more.

Thanks to this online course I am able to write websites. If you let me, I can create your own website or work together with you on frontend web development projects.

my skills

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

I have written and successfully completed multiple projects and websites in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I'm not good at very complicated CSS features and JavaScript but it was enough for this website and many more.


My first website was a Wordpress site. Since then I have set up, published and maintained multiple Wordpress websites. Unfortunately I have never done an e-commerce store. However, I masterd the basics in Wordpress.


What project is ideal for you?


$0 /site

  • good for static sites
  • good for integrations and animations
  • harder to change yourself
Write it for me!


$0 /site

  • good for blogs
  • easy to understand
  • needs regular updates
Do it for me.

JavaScript, PHP, PWA

$0 /site

  • JS: in the middle of learning
  • PHP: Google is my friend
  • PWA: first understanding
I'm still learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I doing it for free?

I learn the best by doing projects. Most of my own projects won't challenge me enough to grow. For that reason I'm doing a project for you.

Will it be free for ever?

If I have learned enough and grown enough, I will no longer offer my service for free.

Order now!

How would the ideal project look like?

Ideally your projects due date is in a few weeks. It is important that you develop a clear goal of what visitors should do at the end of the website. A clear 'call to action' is needed. If you are unsure, I will be happy to help :-)